I'm a professional studio artist that draws and likes french fries. My socks never match.
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I hadn’t drawn anything today so a quick one before bed.

I got some ideas for mandala, this was a tryout

Taking a break from the trade/commission line up. Here’s a burd.

Taking a break from the trade/commission line up. Here’s a burd.


Attack on Titan: A Choice With No Regrets - Trailer


Finally getting on my bike trips I meant to do all summer, today was a 31.5km round trip to a local canyon where I had to haul my bike up a lot of stairs and steep walls. So happy! Treating myself to an achievement selfie. Can’t wait for next weekend ride.

More trades and commissions for Ed and Jeanlee! I am itching to do some painting so may give that a whirl tomorrow.

been a bit but here are some inks I am working on! Trade and a rather special commission :)


Kintsugi - repairing pottery with gold.

The philosophy of kintsugi encourages us to accept flaws and damage as the natural history of a thing, and in many ways said flaws create their own beauty.

my friend jess does beautiful watercolors that need way more attention

colored charity commission for jags. Still trying to get comfortable coloring with ink work. Still lots of fun. Thanks Jags!!

slowly getting through these, I’ll have to get some colored ones going soon! I just love sketching so much.