I'm a professional studio artist that draws and likes french fries. My socks never match.
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More Charity Commissions! thanks Yark-Wark!! 

I’ll be eventually making these a bit pricier, but this has been a great help all around, get to help animals and get to get my butt in gear to actually completing work. I feel so out of practice but getting the hang of it. I’ll do a shout when I open up again in case people want to get a commission for a good cause :D

Inked Commission all done up Kit-Ryu

Inks for Yark Wark Commish, going to to do another inks tonight I think….. not feeling colors yet

So happy for the support :D WWF is getting so much funds to help animalllsss :D

colors! Charity Commission done for RavynArcadia  on DA. Thank you so much!

and Inks all done for Commission for Jags, also being colored :)

WIP Commission. Inks all done, now for colors.

couple more charity commission sketches that will be moving onto inks! Finally going to get some time to do just that this weekend :)

another charity commission on the go, this one for RavynArcadia. Just need the thumbs up and will move towards colors :D

start of a charity commission for Dark Jaguar on FA. It’ll be a full color when done, he wanted one of my chars and his chars interesting, so much fun :D

Hey tumblr, I am taking on commissions for charity! to do more with my time then watch netflix! if you are interested you can find info here 

drop me a note or pass around, I would love more clients :)